Reviews of Discount Cards

Real testimonials from real people about the Student Discount Card

What Businesses Say…


We are certainly seeing a very large number of them call in for it so it worked fabulously. They did a great job getting all of those cards out to students. We see a lot of activity and business coming from those cards. Our second biggest coupon last period was for free bread and the third was a large for $8.99 so I think we can safely say the numbers support that theory.
Heather, Manager, Domino’s Store 4248, Miller Circle, Harrisonburg, VA
Being new to the area and having just opened my Firehouse Subs location in Harrisonburg, I was concerned about how I was going to reach out to all of the JMU students. Getting on the Student Discount Card was the best marketing decision I could have made. Students come into my location with the card everyday and many have become repeat customers. All the students I speak with just love the card and I am fortunate to have been able to promote my business by being on the card.
Sherman Johns, Owner, Firehouse Subs, Harrisonburg, VA
The cards are definitely a hit! They get mentioned much more than our student specials our any of the stuff we distributed.
Dave, Domino’s Store 4249, Burgess Rd, Harrisonburg, VA
The Student Discount Card is really popular with all the students… more so than any other advertising we’ve done at JMU.
Chad Beale, Manager of Smoothie King in Harrisonburg VA

What Distributors Say…


Having the Student Discount Card to hand out to residents at move in was a great bonus. They seemed really excited about getting the card for free, and myself (as a landlord) got to give something of value to my new residents at no cost to me. It’s a win/win situation.
Melissa Taylor, General Manager, South View Apartments
Being able to distribute the Student Discount Card to all of our new JMU tenants gave us that special Thank You we wanted for our tenants. The students loved them and were excited to see all of the great discounts that were available. They were thrilled when they found out they could use them over and over again all around town, all year! If you want a student to know about your business, the Student Discount Card is a great way to get the word out!
Marcy Eicholtz, Director of Multimedia & Marketing, Matchbox Realty, Harrisonburg, VA
We’ve benefited from this promotion because it’s offered great deals to our university community and gave us a connection to businesses that we didn’t have before. Students are always surprised that the card is free and always happy to receive one. One of the greatest things about the card is having our university logo on it. The card is now in the hands of students and staff and really helps to brand ourselves as a campus with ties to the greater community.

Dennis Hicks, Associate Director for Programming, Office of Student Involvement, George Mason University

What Students Say…


My roommates and I always use our Student Discount Card, we save money all over town!
Christie, Junior
I think the Student Discount card is an excellent way for college students to save money. I love the fact that it’s unlimited. I use it all the time.
Amy, Junior
I love using the Student Discount Card here at JMU! It is a great way to save money on a college budget!
Erin, Sophomore
I love the Discount Card! I use it at least a couple of times a week.
John, Senior

A wide range of locally owned and national businesses participate in our discount card programs. Some examples of national franchises include:

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