Fundraising Discount Cards

Fundraising Discount Card

Tremendous Profit for Your Organization

Looking for the most profitable and easy fundraiser you will ever do? Here’s a full service program that produces tremendous profit for your organization, provides great savings and discount opportunities for card purchasers, and generates more customers for participating businesses.

“It’s Our Most Successful Fundraising Program Ever!”

That’s what schools, sports teams, churches, youth groups and other organizations have said about our Fundraising Discount Program. After years of numerous novelty item fundraisers that require lots of work and generate little in return, organizations have come to know the Win Win Discount Card program as the best and most profitable fundraising effort they have ever done!

  • Fundraising groups like them because they are highly profitable and easy to sell.
  • Purchasers of your cards like them because they receive significant discounts at their favorite restaurants and retail stores.
  • Businesses like them because the cards always increase the number of customers at their business.

It’s a Win-Win for everyone!

Discount Cards for Fundraising

A wide range of locally owned and national businesses participate in our discount card programs. Some examples of national franchises include:

Participating National Businesses