Community Discount Cards

Community Discount Cards

Highly Effective, Low-Cost Community Card

Our Community Discount Card is highly-effective, low-cost way to reach thousands of area residents with a customized offer for your business. With our targeted delivery system, the Community Discount Card showcases your business with an offer you create that will increase sales and generate more customers. Your ad will be printed on a durable, long-lasting plastic card targeted for FREE distribution to thousands of local consumers. Best of all, it can be used on an unlimited basis for an entire year from the time of distribution. It’s a win-win for everyone!

  • Targeted Distribution. Cards are distributed for FREE directly into the hands of consumers via local employers and other key locations.
  • Easy. Just provide a logo and offer and we’ll do the rest!
  • Long-lasting. Your ad stays intact for repeat exposure, and it’s good for the whole year giving your message impact and longevity. Customers can use the card each time they visit your business or download it to their phone for quick and easy redemption.
  • Quality look and feel. Our aesthetically designed plastic card has a high perceived value increasing brand awareness of your business. Consumers trust advertising that is well-made with attention to detail.
  • Card Holders Love It. American consumers are busy. No time for wading through newspapers or cumbersome coupon books they’ll just throw out. Customers keep the card with them saving hundreds of dollars all over town – and they’ll tell their friends and family!
  • Affordable. Compare our rates to other local advertising. In most markets, we find a local business can take their one-time ad out of the local newspaper or community magazine and put it on the Community Discount Card for an entire year.
  • Increased brand awareness. Customers have online access to the Discount card and a live link to your website expanding the reach of your print ad.
  • Customized offer. Advertise specials and discounts most suitable to your business. Ideal for introducing new products, building established brands, and getting the ROI you expect.
  • Proven results. This unique advertising vehicle has been proven to generate both new and long-term customers.

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A wide range of locally owned and national businesses participate in our discount card programs. Some examples of national franchises include:

Participating National Businesses